Understanding and Shifting Lateral Violence

This one day workshop is designed to give indigenous peoples a broader understanding of the social issues we face within our communities, organizations, and family systems. It brings to light some of the unhealthy toxic behaviours we sometimes are unconsciously promoting in our social and professional circles. The participants will walk away with a broader understanding of the overall impacts we have faced and continue to face as indigenous people and how we can address this issues by embodying healthy behaviours within our daily lives. 

Edu Therapy™ Individual Grief Sessions and Workshops

For Individuals who have suffered a significant loss, abuse, or other trauma the program effectively eliminates the griever’s sense of isolation, by actively engaging them in emotionally helpful and liberating exercises. Participants learn how to free themselves from painful conflicting feelings. The Edu-Therapy™ process helps participants to let go of their anger, guilt and fear while learning how to enhance their valuable memories. Grief Resolution Processes, Materials, literature and programs affiliated with Edu-Therapy Ltd. and Edu-Therapy™ Solutions.


Issues in Contemporary Indigenous Governance

This one day workshop will help broaden the participants understanding of the ongoing colonial relationships taking place today. It will help them to pinpoint the systems of dependency within their organizations and communities. This workshop promote ideas and solutions to help remove those dependencies in the face of an ever changing socio-political landscape.

Indigenous School House Modules and Programs: Preparing for Post Secondary Education for the Indigenous Student  

This workshop is geared towards high school graduates or High School Seniors who are looking to pursue higher education. It is presented from a lived experience of being indigenous and pursuing a PhD degree. The students will learn basic life skills, critical thinking, and Indigenous perspectives to help them prepare for and navigate through various western institutions, universities, or colleges. There is a Three Day Intensive workshop that is delivers the basic modules in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada over the summer. Click here for more details: Indigenous School House 2018. 

Understanding Capitalism and Business in Today's World 

This workshop is currently being developed by Mylan Tootoosis and Amanda Bestvater, a Political Science Student at the University of Saskatchewan.  It will provide a comprehensive understanding of the history of capitalism and how it is influential in determining indigenous social an political discourses. This workshop is geared towards professionals, administrators, and educators who are active in First Nations Governance. 

Indigenous Creativity: Unleashing the Natural Artist Within

While a student at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico Mylan was highly influenced by creative mediums and highly artistic classmates colleagues majoring in Fine Art. That creative experience has been embedded in his personal and professional life. Drawing from the research projects and experience of both Mylan Tootoosis and his close friend Daryl Lucero BFA, MA  this workshop is designed for youth to explore and express their own creativity through a variety of mediums. Students will be able to have an active conversation with Indigenous Artists and will also be able to create and present their work to the community. The venue of this workshop will require high speed internet access and will require additional costs for mediums and materials.

Customized Life Skills Programs

Life Skills Programs can be designed  to suit specific community or a specific organizations needs and requests.  These programs can range from two days to three weeks and can be delivered consecutively or broken down into specific weekdays or weekends. Please contact for more information.