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Program Information: 

This is a Three Day Intensive Workshop  that delivers basic modules of the two week Indigenous School House Program. It is designed to help Indigenous students prepare for university classes and university life. This program is designed to give indigenous youth the skills and tools as the foundation to conquer degree programs and succeed. This program has been designed for Grade 12 graduates, undergraduates, and those who simply wish to beat the challenges of post-secondary education. Although this program is designed for Indigenous Students,  it is open to anyone and everyone who wishing to improve their lives and pursue formal education at all levels.

Program Includes: 

  • Personal Development Certificate from Red Echo Associates

  • Program handouts and resources materials

  • Access to long term on-line support from program participants and program leaders

  • Q & A sessions with Graduate Students, Scholars and Professors.

  • Can resit future Indigenous School House program at no cost.

Participants Will Learn:

  • Practical Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills

  • Effective Communication Skills

  • The Reality of Academia and Education

  • How to Survive Using Student Life/Living Hacks

  • Student Leadership Skills

  • How the Academic System is Structured

  • Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence

  • How to Navigate from Rural Living to Urban Living

  • How to Maintain Healthy Lifestyles While Pursuing a Degree

  • How to Pass Classes You Disagree With

  • How To Budget and Plan for Academic Survival and Life Success

    2020 Program Dates and Location Coming Soon


    350.00 CAN

Mylan Tootoosis PhD. Candidate University of Saskatchewan  

This program will be delivered by Mylan Tootoosis, a PhD Candidate at the University of Saskatchewan and Certified Life Skills Coach. At the age of sixteen Mylan moved to the City of Saskatoon to attend High school at Mount Royal Collegiate. After graduating in 2005 he attended the University of Saskatchewan for one academic year, disheartened by the experience he decided to take Red Echo Associates Life Skill Coach Training Program and became a Certified Life Skills Coach. He then decided to move to Santa Fe, New Mexico to attend the Institute of American Indian Arts where he participated in the Associated Student Government(ASG) as Treasurer, Vice President and President. He graduated from IAIA in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Liberal Studies. He then moved to Victoria, BC and attend the Masters of Arts in Indigenous Governance Program and completed his Masters in 2013. He is currently a PhD Student at the University of Saskatchewan where he has gained experience teaching and tutoring university students, he was also active with the USASK Graduate Student Association and the Indigenous Student Councils. He has recently hired as a teaching assistant for the Land Based Education Masters Cohort for the University of Saskatchewan Department Educational Foundations and help to facilitate courses in Northern Manitoba and on O’ahu and Big Island Hawai’i. Currently he is a Guidance Counsellor and Career Coach at Chief Little Pine School while he also contributes time to Research Assistant for the One House Me, Many Nations and writes his proposal for his PhD program. He also has founded a rural non-profit called The Praire Livelihood Project and hopes to create land based projects for local communities.

Mylan contributes much of his academic achievements to the skills he received from his Life Skills Coach Training and has become a life long learner of practical skills that benefit personal growth and social change. He wishes to help Indigenous Students obtain the skills necessary to hack the academic systems and become successful in life. Drawing on his unique experiences and perspectives, he has created some amazing university preparation programs designed specifically for Indigenous students. One of which is this Intensive Three-Day Indigenous School House.  

Click here for more information on Mylan Tootoosis.

2019 Q&A Session Scholars and Professors

Erica Violet Lee. M.A Student. University of Toronto


Erica Violet Lee is a grad student in Social Justice Education at University of Toronto Indigenous feminist, and community organizer from inner-city Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She is a nēhiyaw philosopher queen learning how to be a writer in the wastelands.

Dr. Deanne Grant. University of Colorado, Boulder.


Deanne Grant is Pawnee from Stillwater, Oklahoma. She is completing her PhD at the University of Colorado Boulder in the Department of Ethnic Studies. Her dissertation concentrates on Native American women and Indigenous decolonial sexualities. She has a Master of Arts in International Studies from the University of Oregon and a Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance from the University of Victoria. She is a first-generation student who attended Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado as an undergraduate. She also worked for various Native-serving non-profits, including the Native American Youth & Family Center in Portland, Oregon and the American Indian College Fund in Denver, Colorado.

She will be an incoming Visiting Professor in the Department of Sociology at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado.

Alfredo Del Cielo-Garcia. PhD Candidate University of Victoria.


Alfredo Garcia is Mayan from El Salvador. He is currently a PhD student in Political Science at the University of Victoria focusing on Indigenous Politics and International Relations. Currently, his research examines the intersections of space, identity formation and self-determination. Particularly, he is interested in Tribal Parks as a space for Indigenous resurgence, which challenge hegemonic models of sustainability.  In addition, his research also focuses on the ways in which El Salvador has begun to (re)claim its Indigeneity. 

Regan Ratt Misponas. USASK USSU President 2019


Regan Ratt Misponas is the 2019 University of Saskatchewan Student Union president. He has been active in the student political arena for the last few years and has gained vital insights on post-secondary education systems relationship to indigenous students and has remained not only a strong indigenous student advocate, but a advocate for all students throughout his time at USASK. He is grounded, honest and practical with the work he does.

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