NAME is a grassroots rural organization works to secure the necessities of life, by striving to protect land, water, plant life and animal life through long term projects with indigenous peoples, settlers, researchers. We provide access points for on the ground projets and organizaing.  NAME is an independent campaigning organization that strives to inform, prepare, and engage land based practitioners in meaningful practical ways.  CEIL strives to protect the environment and to promote peace and prosperity by:

  • Engaging in frontline grassroots efforts to protect  lands, waters, animals, and plants. 
  • Informing and working with the people that depend on the lands and waters for their livelihood. 
  • Build meaningful and engaging relationships between settlers and indigenous peoples. 
  • Create a focus and platform for interdisciplinary collaboration that recognizes the societal dimensions of Indigenous issues,  human impacts on the environment. This requires new integration of the relevant spectrum of natural, health and social sciences, public policy and engineering;
  • Develop partnerships with key stakeholders to translate knowledge and science into action, policy and management to better meet contemporary challenges. Including challenges relating to water security , food sovereignty, renewable energy, climate change adaptation and mitigation challenges, and social and human emotional and physical wellbeing and health. 
  • Create a unique opportunity for indigenous peoples, settlers, organization to invest in and collaborate on most pressing indigenous and environmental issues.